Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yoga and rumors

It's been a little while since I've posted so there's a bit to catch up on.

First off let me confess that I have an "obsessive" personality. It's something I try to bring more to the middle of the road, but when I find something I like, it's like a fire, I love it, research it, want to do it ALL the time, then as quickly as it came on, it's passed. It's a good an a bad ting in that I rarely commit to being great at any one thing, but I know a good deal about many things. Well as it sits right now my focus is on rock climbing. I've done it before many years ago, but it sounds like SO much fun again. There aren't many indoor gyms in the area but I found one I really like down in Peninsula. Kendall Cliffs seems a great place to go (I love the store it's attached to, but that's another story). But in looking around at all the skinny little rock climbing monkey people there I realize a couple things. One, I could stand to lose some more weight (less to haul up the rock face). two, I am no where near as flexible as some of the people doing this sport. Three, I HATE pullups, but I need to get better at them cause that's kinda what rock climbing is.
So in an effort to remedy my first two observations I've taken to doing Yoga. I did a little in college but it was known to be a kinda joke class. It was not the high energy stuff that really makes you work, but it did teach me a lot of fundamentals that I remembered once I started doing it again. I got the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD from the library and I gotta say I really like it. You get a good sweat going real quick and it has a built in 6 week program. The instructor (Bob if you watch the show) is really clear, and pretty entertaining, but there is an option to just have music once you get the hang of it.
Now for the rumor part of the post, it's what you're really reading this far for right?
I came into work today and my buddy on shift said there's a rumor floating around first shift about me. Curious about what it could possibly be I asked him to clarify. He said that one of the known rumor mongers is spreading that I'm a Buddhist. I just reply that I am and find it funny that my recent conversion is something so juicy that it is able to entertain the gossipers for about 5 days. Hopefully someone will ask me about it and I can share my opinions instead of this just being another whisper session thing.

Have a peaceful day.


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