Sunday, February 21, 2010

...and justice for all

It's been a while since i've had the chance to blog (for either blog). Our house has been struck by a case of the sickies and it's jumped from one to the next instead of getting us all out of the way at once.

I just have a little rant to get off my chest. I'm really tired of one set of rules applying to one group of people and a different set applying to others. We claim to live in a time that is "progressive" and not racist but anyone with open eyes can tell you differently.  I've done my best to eliminate prejudice from my life, but I know I treat people differently based on life experiences.  Unfortunatly I'm face with mostly negative experiences due to my career and training, so I do approach black people wearing mostly one colored clothing that is loose as a gang memeber and not someone who is color co-ordinated.  I won't outwardly act on this profiling until their words or actions dictate that i should but i am more aware of them because of what my life has taught me.  The kind of inequality I'm tired of is the kind I imagine you have encountered everyday at work.  The kind that rears it's head when you see the company brown-noser getting extra time for lunch or extra days off or perhaps only a mild chastising where you would be more stricly disciplined.  This kind of inequality is rooted in power and ego which seems everyone wants and loves to be fed.  I made a promise to myself long ago that I can achieve what I want to achieve without having to crawl on my belly and suck up to get it, I will get there based on my merits and skills.  It just really crushes my moral to see that others get easily what I have to work extremely hard for just by brown nosing and stroking the ego of the next man higher on the totem pole.

Perhaps I dream of a Utopia that doesn't exist but if I can live and lead by example then perhaps the next generation will be a little closer to the ideal.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

tweets on thursday: a weekly blog experiment.

In my effort to complete an item on my 30/before 30 list I thought since I follow a few people that tweet some interesting stuff I'd like to share some of my favorites.

Veronica Belmont of Revision3's Tekzilla shared this url in one of her tweets. So my question to dear reader is this, are you a geek? If so, are you proud of you geekdom?


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

30 before 30

A good friend of mine just made the jump into the blog world with a blog devoted to doing 30 things before her 30th birfthday. She and I are just about the same age (she's 2 months older I believe) and it got me thinking about what I would like to accomplish before I hit my 3 decade mark. I tried to think of things that would enrich me or I'd be glad I did. Also I figure that if I write them down I'll actually do it. I'm having a hard time coming up with 30, and I'll admit that I took some straight of my friend's list but I thbink I came up with some good ones too. So here's my list.

Read 30 books (the kindle iPod app is gunna be huge for this)
Review 30 games
See 30 movies
Go camping
Go deer hunting
Attend a trade show or seminar
Build something functional for our home (cabinet, bench, etc)
Draw a self portrait
Buy a motorcycle
Buy a gun
Run a 7:30 mile
Go rock climbing
Try out a martial art
Learn tea ceremony
Get a tattoo
Learn a craft (whittling?)
Shed all consumer debt
Try composting
Learn italian
Make a weekly blog feature
See a "show"
Join a police org (blue knights, FOP)
Meet a real buddhist monk
Shoot a M4 rifle
Learn shaolin workout
Try coffee
Get a massage
Give blood
Make own dried fruit snacks
Meditate in a park

Well, that's my list, I might edit it as I consider it more but I like most of the items on it.

Wish me luck :)



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