Thursday, October 28, 2010


Value.  Many people take that word differently.  Some put a dollar sign on it.  Some attach value to other, incalculable things.  I try to make everything I do or participate in be of value or benefit something or someone in someway.  It's how I measure whether something is worthwhile doing.  There are words built into our everyday language that accomdate that mindset too.  Worthwile, waste of time, opportunity cost.  I've been taking a pretty hard look at some of my hobbies and activities recently and trying to decide if they are adding value to my life or diminishing it.  To give an example, I am one of those people that really enjoy working out.  That obviously adds value to my life as it makes me healthier and adds years to my life.  Some other things are harder to justify.  Like watching TV.  A documentary is obviously enriching, but a drama show?  I would argue that time spent relaxing is important in moderation too.  Also there are shows that I enjoy watching with my wife and that social time is very important as we don't get a lot of one on one time. 


Something else came to mind as I was making a list of activities that add value to my day is a list of friends I have and what I value about them and how I would like to be more like different aspects of them.  Some I value for their optimism, energy, perseverance, peacefulness, and/or, inspiration to be fit.  I wonder what others value about me.  I hope that some look to me as a valuable pat of their life as I look to others.

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