Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disappointment in medical, but faith in nature

Last night (the 21st i guess) wifey started having really bad contractions and other very real signs of labor at 6pm.  Our plan was to labor at home (lol like I have to do much other than be there and be supportive) then go to the hospital for the last bit.  I mean, who wants to hang out in a BORING hospital room and be in pain when you can be at home, snack some, watch your own movies, etc.  Well the laboring gets really intense and we send the girls to go hang out with our AWESOME neighbor Megan and we head to the hospital.  We get there and wifey gets hooked up to the machines and it verfies that she is having very intense, regular contractions.  We let the nurse and the in house OB/GYN know that her cervex is different than others and it feels like they completely ignore us and say that she has made negative progress.  This is at about 10am.  We hang out in the hospital doing everything we can think of to move labor along and by 4pm wifey's OB/GYN becomes available to check her and it turns out she has made progress...just not very much.  Turns out that it isn't the day for our new arrival yet so we head home and wifey feels completely crestfallen.  I try to remind her that nature doesn't work on a schedule like the medical profession would like it to.  When baby is ready to hop out I truly believe it will happen and it will happen just the way it is supposed to. 
We get so caught up in trying to control nature we forget sometimes that nature knows best.  We prune and shape hedges, we mow our lawns so that patterns appear, we fertalize, steralize, and immunize our crops so they can be bigger, tastier, and bug free, but then we have to replant or spend just as much to up keep them.  If we left well enough alone, bugs would pollenate and spread seeds, hedges could grow and flourish into amazing displays, and our lawns wouldn't more maintenance than our homes.  I think that nature has been doing a pretty good job of taking care of it's own for millions of years.  I trust that when baby and mom are both ready, she will come into this world happy and healthy.

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