Thursday, February 3, 2011

another year closes and opens

amazing how the wheel of life keeps coming around and around.  As I approach the end of my 28th eary and my 29th looms ever closer I look and try to imagine what will come of this year.


I hope more happyness as I take steps to sort out my past and my feelings of them

I hope better fitness as I ever strive to improve myself (and work is looking to reward those who do)

I hope a more enjoyable work environment as a thorn has been plucked from my workplace

I am sure of more smiles and laughter as my new daughter grows and learns

I am sure of more pride as my oldest daughter grows and learns in her homeschool classroom

I am sure of more mischief and happyness as my princess (2nd born) gets into trouble but wiles her way out of it.

And finally but not least by any means

I look forward to loving my wife I am able to love myself more and I can appreciate her more everyday

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