Friday, August 6, 2010

Medieval Madness!

Last weekend we went to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire and had a great time!  The weather was perfect, the kids were well behaved (except for a case of the whinies but that's to be expected after a whole day of walking around and no nap) and the entertainment was EPIC!  It all started with a firebreathing comedian right inside the gate.  He was hilarious!  and really good with the the fire breathing too.  As we continued on we saw evidence that it was indeed pirate invasion weekend as we saw more than a few spectators dressed as pirates and all the amusement operators were dressed as pirates as well.  I was really impressed that all the rides are operated on "pirate power" by pushes, cranks, pulls and Heave Ho's!!  After some walking around and a ride we headed over to one of the food areas the "Stumble Inn" and sat down to lunch.  I got the turkey legge and it was MASSIVE!  As we were eating a band called Circa Paleo played traditional music from around the world.  I learned later that they have a track on the Braveheart soundtrack.  After lunch we headed deeper into the woods and checked out some more merchants, the highland games, fairy forest, the viking encampment, and SO much more.  We ended the day by watching the joust and had a good laugh as blue knight and the green knight battled in front of the king and queen.

We hope to go again before it leaves for the year and will definitely be attending next costume!

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