Thursday, August 19, 2010

an update of sorts I guess

As some may know, I've played World of Warcraft for the better part of 2 or 3 years with a few breaks here and there.  Also as of a month of so ago I've quit to re-prioritize some things in life.  I miss some of my friends I've made in that world, but I've reconnected with my wife on a much stronger level that I haven't enjoyed while playing.  Also I've been picking up other hobbies and strengthening others as there is more time to do so.  I used to spend about an hour or two everyday playing and a couple more on nights off.  Now during those times I practice my yoga, play sword fights with my girls (which is hilarious) or play disc golf with a friend who I've grown very close to as he now has a daughter and we have more in common.  There's been times I've been tempted to go back, especially on a frustrating or aggravating day, but when I think of how much strife it causes my wife I don't want to put her through that.  I think what I miss the most about the game is how important I was to so many people.  I played a vital role to dungeons and raids as a healer and a tank and I was told I played very well and people would excitedly greet me and ask me to help them.  I've never been too social in real life, and I hold myself to very high standards and get disappointed by others easily.  The game was a lot easier for me to socialize and connect with people because I could remember that it was just a game and could just have fun with it but in real life if I expected someone to be there when I needed them or to look forward to seeing me like I looked forward to seeing them and they did not it crushed me to the point where I became jaded.  Now I'm back in the situation where I really should be looking for friends to spend time with.  It's a challenge for me as the friends I've made at work are on different schedules than I am and there aren't many people I want to see at work let alone outside of it.  I think that's why most of the activities I really invest my time into can be done solo.  Most video games have a single player mode, disc golf can be done alone, I think my girls will always sword fight with me (at least for a few more years until it's not cool to like dad).  i just get frustrated because there's many things I'd like to try, but my schedule makes it impossible to commit to clubs or activities that meet on certain days or certain times.


well, that's my energy drink induced rant/stream of consciousness....I SHOULD BUY A BOAT (corky romano ref)



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