Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yoga Time

I've really been stepping up my practice of yoga as of late and been feeling a lot calmer and more peaceful.  It's been challenging physically (what a good workoug) and time-wise (it seems I can't get stable ground under me when it comes to a daily schedule) but I really think this is one of the most beneficial habits I've been able to cultivate in a long time.  It comes at a good time too. Work has been exceedingly trying lately.  Coworkers making outlandish accusations, new recruits returning from "prestigious" training in San Antonio, and supervision making us jump at every homeless man that wanders down our streets is mentally exhausting.  It's nice to be able to find a place inside and know that I'll feel better and rewarded when I get done with a simple 20-30 minute routine. 

One of the nice side benefits that I did not anticipate about yoga is when I started to get involved in the community aspect of it I've found that most of the people have very similar views on life and peace and balance that I do. 

I hope to stick with it this time and really reap the benefits of a yoga lifestyle.



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