Friday, September 3, 2010


So as some may know, wifey and I are expecting our 3rd child this winter and what comes before birth? Pregnancy!  This one seems to be a bit rougher on wifey than the last two, or it may be that she is watching kids and doesn't get much adult interaction (cause let's face it, I ain't much of an adult) on a daily basis, plus watching kids is hard work.  Anyone who says watching kids is either not a parent or on crack I'm pretty sure.  But it seems I may have been a bit selfish with my time recently.  Working third shift and trying to be involved in the family makes time management kinda difficult, let me lay out some examples for ya.  I work from 11pm to 8am (yes that's nine hours, can't give'em paid lunch!!) so on a 'normal' day i try to sleep from 2-10 and get my solid 8 hrs that way. BUT WAIT! what about when my oldest needs to get picked up from school at 3?!?!  well either I should stay up to monitor the kiddo's or go get her so lets say i sleep from 3:30 to 10, but here comes the monkey wrenches.  Wifey teaches dance (which I am SO happy she can do something that she loves and be in her career field) but they are usually in the evening so sometimes that means I sleep from 9-3 then a little bit from 6 or 7-10.  All this sleep juggling can make me a little cranky.  I know it's not fair to take it out on anyone, this is just part of being a dad/husband, but it can make my mood sour and unpleasant to be around.  So I try to look forward to things I REALLY enjoy and make little 'holidays' of them.  Like I enjoy video games so when I get to play them (especially on my nights off when my friends are playing and we can multiplayer) it's like a 'mini labor day' a little sunshine to make me smile.  But I've been focusing too much on them and not enough on the wifey and she has been feeling overloaded.  I've taken up doing cat litter (preggies can't do it, some kind of fetal risk called toxo-plasmosis) and laundry (she cant reach in the wash bin's cute) on top of what I used to do but I should try to help out more.

So honey (as you are probably my only subscriber) here's my apology letter for the whole world to see, I'm sorry and I'll do more to help so your last trimester won't be such a burden and we can look forward to seeing Ms. M!

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